MADE@SEALROCKS is an innovative range of quality design products and artworks, created and handmade by Nadine Wilson in her art and design studio in the secluded seaside hamlet of Seal Rocks on the mid north coast of NSW Australia. The MADE@SEALROCKS range reflects the unique Seal Rocks environment and lifestyle and are made using quality materials, sourced and produced with a conscious environmental esthetic.


Nadine Wilson, a Visual Arts educator, Multimedia Artist and Designer, and training Art Historian, is continually inspired by the pristine and unique environment in which she lives. Her close personal affiliation and deep visual appreciation of her home environment is highly evident in the aesthetic quality of all the MADE@SEALROCKS hand produced products.
















I like to think that by owning and appreciating one of my design products or art pieces, you get to experience Seal Rocks through my eyes. That I’m successful in capturing the subtleties and essence of such a unique environment and the lifestyle it affords me. As someone who is extremely fortunate to live here, to have the time to absorb and appreciate the raw elements of the environment around me, I am constantly deconstructing what I see. It’s these elements that I then reconstruct into my designs and art pieces. So hopefully what results is not necessarily a literal representation but the essence or the ‘feel’ of Seal Rocks. This is essentially what makes Seal Rocks so unique but is sometimes quite elusive, hard to identify and tricky to put your finger on exactly what it is.”

Nadine and her family have lived in the area for the past fifteen years with the last few years residing in the village as one of the very few permanent residents. Although officially registered at the start of 2014, MADE@SEALROCKS has been several years in the making, with ideas and concepts evolving and slowly maturing over the past decade.

The time just finally felt right. I hope people enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it”.