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Here I will post how I see the world around me. It will be a creative mix of my inspiration, my environment “Seal Rocks”,my lifestyle and the creative process behind MADE@SEALROCKS.



2016 has arrived! A time to 'yindyamarra'

Posted 15/1/2016

2016 has arrived with a flurry of activity in the studio. A couple of new designs of our iconic Sugarloaf Lighthouse, Feathers and 'It's a Seals life'  have appeared on our product staples of Canvas Beach Bags and our 100% Russian linen tea towels. I'm looking forward to making these available in additional colours in the coming weeks and restocking what has left the studio already. It's been lovely over the busy Christmas and New Year  period to reunite and reconnect with people I first met last year and to again,  meet new and interesting people from all over the globe. This year I would have to say summer at Seal Rocks was dominated by Brazil and the Brazilian, tourist and cozzie alike! I meet the most beautiful Brazilian travelers, who were utterly enthralled and enchanted by Seal Rocks and I'm told the Brazilian cut cozzie dominated the beach. Memorable and animated conversations of art, design, colour, environment and life were had in my small studio with our like-minded neighboring southern continent visitors.

I've also had time to stand still for a moment and contemplate new directions for 2016. Now that my Art History Masters has been successfully completed, its time for new beginnings and to refresh my mind-fullness and creative focus, but where to start is always the question? After feeling a little off kilter and unhinged these past few week, as luck would have it my first commission for 2016 seems to hold the answer; 'yindyamarra'.

I met a wonderful lady who is awaiting the birth of her first grandchild, a grandchild of proud Wiradjuri descent and heritage. She commissioned one of my calligraphy inks of the word 'yindyamarra' to be framed for her grandchild's nursery. 'Yindyamarra' is a Wiradurji word which means; to honor, to respect, to be gentle and to do slowly. After such a hectic 2015, as I embark on new creative  beginnings  for 2016 I'll embrace yindyamarra, particularly in terms of  how I treat myself, approached my artistic practice, treat my loved ones and the world around me.

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Sorry I Have Been Distracted!

Posted 10/7/2015

Thesis writing 2015Thesis writing 2015

 I cant believe it has been months not weeks since I made my last blog post! I just wanted to let you know I am still here, all be it a little bit snowed at present with an alternate creative process - a Masters Art History Thesis.

My thesis is very relevant to my studio practice, I am exploring the "internal dialogue" of contemporary Australian art, between Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal art, looking at the commonality of "connection to place and environment" through "mark making".  Connection to the Seal Rocks environment is crucial to my own studio practice. I am also very passionate about Aboriginal culture and I have a respectful awareness of and for the Worimi, the traditional custodians of Seal Rocks, and how this also informs my art making.

I hope to have this little writing hiatus completed by the end of October, so until then my post will be few, but after that I will be yearning to reconnect with my studio practice.

Thanks for your patience, the MADE@SEALROCKS creative journey will recommence shortly.

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Lighthouse Beach Photo shoot

Posted 14/2/2015

Had a lovely couple of hours photographing our 100% Linen Tea Tree Design Tea Towels in the sand dunes of Lighthouse Beach yesterday. The sun was covered by some cloud cover so the light was favorable and the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse was an amazing backdrop. It was great to finally be able to photograph this product in the environment that inspired its design. See the For the Home Linen link for further photos and there is a full album able on our facebook page too.Our 100% Linen Tea Tree design tea towels.Our 100% Linen Tea Tree design tea towels.

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Welcome to 2015!!!

Posted 3/2/2015


Welcome to 2015!!! Well 2014 was certainly a big maiden year for MADE@SEALROCKS. I would just like to shout a big thank-you to everyone that has been a part of the journey thus far and into the future. Our first Summer of having the studio open over the Christmas period has been a really positive experience. Again, thank-you to everyone that called in during this time I really appreciate it and have been somewhat overwhelmed by your support and all the generous positive feedback and comments. So where do we go from here?

I have started 2015 with a restyle and an update of the website. This ideally would have been something I would have liked to have done prior to Christmas once I had developed my stock range but life was just way too busy.  It's amazing what you can achieve once you have a couple of days of an empty house once school goes back.

The images are now starting to catch up with my vision of where I want MADE@SEALROCKS to go in terms of been more reflective of my style. This year I want to focus on my signature greys and neutral colour palate. I am about to start some exploration with dyes which I will post along the way.  Aiming to have some nice wintery hues ready for Easter and Seal Rocks winter, which is absolutely my favourite time of year in Seal Rocks.

So stay with me, 2014 was just the begin it will get very interesting from here. xxxx



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Trouble finding us?

Posted 31/12/2014

People were having trouble finding us, so we have now put our signs on an A-frame at the bottom of the drive. If this is out we are open!

Plus the chalk board will remain up on the left of the door and I'll have some items out on the chair and ladder. Thanks for all your support throughout 2014 and our humble beginnings and looking forward to a creative and prosperous 2015!

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Open now for the holidays!

Posted 27/12/2014

I am open when the sign on the right is displayed and I will pop a cushion out the front. The chalk board on the left will let you know what times I'll be open. Thanks Nadine.I am open when the sign on the right is displayed and I will pop a cushion out the front. The chalk board on the left will let you know what times I'll be open. Thanks Nadine.

So it is the day after boxing day and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Everyone is now starting to arrive in Seal Rocks for the holidays, so I will be open most days over the next few weeks. The above picture is how the studio looks when it is open, sign out on the right, cushion on a chair and the chalk board displaying the time to the left of the door. Feel free to drop in when you see I'm open and I have eftpos available also. If I'm not open, the sign on the right will not be out and cushions will be away, but I will leave a reopening time for the following day up on the chalk board.  Keep an eye out for our DL card which is out and about in Seal Rocks and the Pacific Palms area and be sure to pick one up.


So I'm stocked and ready and hope to see you soon!

Day after Boxing Day 2014, stocked and ready for the holidays.Day after Boxing Day 2014, stocked and ready for the holidays.



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Calm at last, the night before opening.

Posted 5/12/2014

Framed inks, cards package, calico grocery bags and jewellery. MADE@SEALROCKSFramed inks, cards package, calico grocery bags and jewellery. MADE@SEALROCKS

I'm utterly exhausted but I think I have everything ready for tomorrow, packaged labeled and price. Just got to iron out some eftpos issues in the morning thanks to our fleeting mobile coverage and I am a little disappointed my signage did not arrive from Newcastle today to complete my vision for my creative space. But overall I'm really excited and a little nervous with anticipation.

"Winter Rocks" cushion range."Winter Rocks" cushion range.

Canvas Beach Bags amassed, "Looking out to see" and "Yellow Rocks" cushions, oil paintings on the right, bibs and singlets on the racks, linen tea towels and pillow slips in the shelves.Canvas Beach Bags amassed, "Looking out to see" and "Yellow Rocks" cushions, oil paintings on the right, bibs and singlets on the racks, linen tea towels and pillow slips in the shelves.


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A frantic week to the finish line!

Posted 4/12/2014

Final studio preparations underway in readiness to open December 6th!Final studio preparations underway in readiness to open December 6th!

It's been a frantic week of working around the clock to have my design stock ready and then the studio ship shape for opening. I'm exhausted and exhilarated all at once!

The cavalry arrived earlier in the week in the form of my iron wielding amazing mother who heat set fifty canvas beach bags, fifty calico totes, sixty bibs and sixty singlets! A thank-you lunch to be scheduled next week does not seem near enough compensation for my gratitude, but it will be lovely to enjoy a day off together.

Looking forward to seeing those who can make it this Saturday to the opening, but if you can't make it I will be open for a couple of hours every Saturday between now and Christmas.

MADE@SEALROCKS bibs and singlets.MADE@SEALROCKS bibs and singlets.

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Studio Opening, Saturday December 6th!

Posted 13/11/2014

Opening invitation.Opening invitation.

Pillowslips, Tea-tree Twig and Beach Stone designs completed

Posted 13/11/2014

Teatree twig design, 100% cotton hand-printed pillowslipsTeatree twig design, 100% cotton hand-printed pillowslips

This morning I had a little photo shoot in my bedroom of our new pillowslip range. Featuring my much loved tea-tree branches and beach stones. These will be available  from $38 to $48 for a pair and will come in a calico MADE@SEALROCKS drawstring bag. The painting above the bed is also a MADE@SEALROCKS original.

Beach stone pillowslips. Hand printed on 100% cotton.Beach stone pillowslips. Hand printed on 100% cotton.

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