Clay is like an old friend that you can’t go too long without seeing. But if it has been a while you can pick-up straight where you left off which is a sign of good friendship. But like all close relationships you have your ups and downs which is what makes clay such an interesting and constantly challenging medium to work with”.





Graduating as a Visual Arts Ceramics major from The University of Newcastle in the early 90s cemented Nadine's love affair with clay, an affair which continued for the next twenty years until this day.

Exhibiting at the Back to Back Galleries Newcastle, her last exhibition Breathe explored some very personal issues but was also highly reflective of her connection to the Seal Rocks environment. (See Gallery for images).

Due to lack of studio space, Nadine has had her 21cft gas kiln in storage for some time but hopes to have this rectified soon to see a ceramics line added to the MADE@SEALROCKS design range. Watch this space.