I can sit for hours of an evening when the house is quiet and work my way through piles of paper seeking the perfect ink that I'm satisfied with. I am always excited to see the final product when mounted within a frame. That's when they really come to life"

Nadine Wilson





Quirky typography, quotes and Rock designs. All one off individual MADE@SEALROCKS pieces. Ranging in price from $45 for smaller works through to $79 for the larger typography pieces.


Individual inks, and freehand typo quotes.Individual inks, and freehand typo quotes.


Lino printed Wrens and Nests. Frame prints start at $65 and are available in several colours.


Lino printed "Wren" and "Nests", assorted colours available.Lino printed "Wren" and "Nests", assorted colours available.